Team Misfits members in team attire

I’d like to introduce the group of guys I race with here in Texas. We call ourselves Team Misfits because all of us enjoy racing and having fun in R/C first and foremost. While most teams are affiliated with a manufacturer, we represent ourselves and one another. A misfit is a racer with a good sense of humor, the desire to travel, and love for the hobby, regardless if you are or aren’t the “Fast Guy”.

We have an eclectic group of racers in terms of age, race, and skill level. We are always in communication outside of the track joking around and motivating one another to make the next race.

What makes  us unique and always attracts the attention of other racers is our work ethic and support of one another. When we aren’t joking and poking fun at one another, we are working on each other’s cars. Traveling to these races becomes much more with a group of people who all get along. We look forward to getting out of the normal routine as much as competing.

It’s a honor to race among these men and watch each other grow in skill. Watch out for Team Mistfits!