So far, the car keeps getting better and better the more I work on it. My setup hasn’t devaited too much from where I had it at the beginning of the season but it’s definiely improving, along with my driving, which is the most important part.

Saturday I found how important the balance of the car is through the turn and throughout the track. Making the camber links steeper really helped and the car felt more consistent throughout the corners which helped my driving consistency as well. The shorter wheelbase was faster but the car didn’t feel as settled. I think I just need to get used to driving it more.

Saturday is a race day so I’ll finally get to see how I stack up. I think I’ll do pretty well. Things I want to try out/test are:

  1. Gearing & Motor Temps for 6 minutes 
  2. Play more with rear toe 
  3. Front Sway Bar & Front Track Width Shims 
  4. Front Kick up (I’ve heard this works well with 6 deg caster and tried it once but disliked it – I’ll give it another shot) 
  5. Chassis flex and its effect on laptimes/consistency
  6. LTC-R body

Setup as of 02/20/2010:

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