Starting a business is my greatest dream. Not because I really want to but because there simply isn’t any other viable option, by my observations and experiences.

The start of my journey began when I was 8 years old, working for my Dad, doing many of his duties around the house because he was at work for long hours and many times 6 or 7 days a week. Although it sucked to have to do chore and take care of the house at the tender age of 8 but it allowed me to feel a freedom I had never experienced before. A young person’s first encounter with the power of money is always an interesting event and I think it can largely predict their habits later as adults. I enjoyed watch my money grow the more I worked and I could work both when I had to and when I wanted to. As the amount grew, my Dad because less and less eager to pay so I ended up settling on other terms which was my second lesson: employers only care about the work being done and not about you. I moved on and looked for more work in my neighborhood and other neighborhoods around me. I quickly became a go-to guy for pulling weeds, mowing lawns, and washing cars. Thankfully, most of these people were willing to pay and even a little more.

After 10 years of this, three R/C cars, and a lot of cuts I finally joined the rest of the regulars going to look for jobs in offices and found about as much love as I did from my Dad. Enough to earn something but little satisfaction. Now I am 26 years old, working everyday, not because for something I would want to do anyway but because I have to. I am lucky to have no kids, no wife, just me and my girlfriend and our cats. I will always be thankful to have employment that allows me to live but when 5/7 (over 70%!) of every week is spent collecting money while 40% is just spent concerting that money into the things I need to live and have a little fun too. This adds to 110% which represents the amount of energy I am using to just make this simple conversion happen day after day, week after week, and now 3 years after graduating college, I am thankfully doing just this. 

As I speak to other people, especially older people, I feel that their total is much, much, much more higher than mine because as their personal life grows and demands more of them, so does their financial life. Unfortunately, for every 10% change, it requires 20% or more overall total demand. This exponential growth in demand just isn’t sustainable over 60 or more years.
I know that the only way to avoid the “middle-class rut” is t create my own means of income without relying on a sole employer. If I have learned anything in life, if you really think something is important, it’s always better to take responsibility for it to see it gets done. In terms of life, this is one of the most important things for me to do in my short time on Earth. I want a great life for myself and those around me.

I must have balance in the forces of life.

To summarize, the motivation to being a successful business owner is:

  • Money to have a simple lifestyle
  • Ability to earn when I want to 
  • Ability to earn as much as I want to
  • Ability to earn as much as I need

The goal is to have ore balance and harmony between my financial life and my personal life. The financial life enables much of the personal life. I as a man cannot control time but I can control how each of my personal decision impacts my financial life. By creating positive cash flow channels I can keep financial life’s increase in % demand be minimized.

To achieve this big goal of financial independence, I will start simple. The only way to eat an elephant is piece by piece. I am my greatest asset and whatever I do must come from the heart. The heart generates the idea, the mind executes it. In the next post, I will discuss my passions and possibilities for business ideas coming form them.