What a wonderful topic. All about me and what I like to do like they are the most important things in the entire world. This is something I’m definitely not used to, growing up taking care of my family and the house most of my childhood. There are some people in my life for which this is definitely not the problem, but much the opposite in that they are too self-focused and are just selfish. I’m thankful that I’m not beginning my quest with that problem.

I feel I haven’t had a lot of time to find more passions due to home and school demands. I will always be thankful for my education and even more thankful that it is completed.

  • Radio controlled cars
    • My favorite thing to do.
    • I really enjoy being alone working on my car, preparing for the next competition.
    • I enjoy the competitive aspect although it can wear me thin at times (being too hard on myself).
    • I love improving – motivated by self-satisfaction
  • Helping Others
    • My natural inclination when trouble arises for those I truly care about and I have some capacity to help.
    • Can easily overwork myself and earn little to no appreciation
    • Motivated by others
  • Computers
    • Motivated by others and self-satisfaction
    • Can vary from very satisfying to heartless
    • High demands, little respect
  • Automobiles
    • motivated primarily by self-satisfaction