While I have some free time before the week begins, I thought I would change the tone of the blog and reflect on the week ahead.

As we are all well aware, the economy isn’t the greatest at the moment. The economy is always cyclical, with some lows and high lasting longer than others. Hopefully this low after a record high will end soon and we will begin to resume ‘normalcy’. These times are especially troublesome for college students, like me. We have little to no real job experience and the job market is extremely competitive as most students are on the same playing field. I have been looking for an internship before I graduate in December but have been unsuccessful for the last year. I have two interviews coming up this week which look promising but I can never get my hopes too high. All I can do is try by best, be professional, and hope the other candidates don’t shine as brightly as me.

Making an impression, specifically a first impression, is so important in getting a job. I find it interesting that even at big, impressive universities with intelligent people leading it, they don’t give the students more training on interview skills, finding the right job etc.. At my university, we have career services to help in this area but I really feel like these life skills should be part of the curriculum. I can’t begin to count the number of pointless classes I’ve had to take that really don’t amount to much other than I can say I’ve jumped through that hoop – can’t they substitute one of those classes for something more useful like “How to Find a Job:101”? I think that if we as college students had these skills taught to us in an organized way, we would stand a better chance at scoring the jobs we hope for. Hell, that’s why most of us are in college in the first place – to find a job!

In my own case, I feel I have some sense about how to conduct myself in a professional manner but refuse to kiss ass of I see many of my classmates do. Maybe they are the ones getting the jobs and for that reason, I don’t know, but I refuse to be fake just for a job. I feel like I’m a prostitute looking for a quick buck from whatever guy in a suit looks like he might have one. It’s just not my style. In my mind, if an employer can see through the puffery and realize that I am who I am, nothing more nothing less, I’d be happy to work for them. Otherwise, enjoy wiping the lipstick off of your asses – I know plenty of college students ready to pucker up .

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