C04 with Xtreme CZ1 Dumpster Edition!

To follow up on my last post, I took some time away and discovered I am still very passionate about this form of racing. R/C replaces “real” car racing for me and nitro satisfies senses that electric just cannot. Sometimes the passion gets too overwhelming and I’m working on being positive and living in the moment. I’m so glad I took a moment to reflect.

This past weekend, I was able to run my Capricorn C04 and OS motor for the first time. Compared to the Serpent 750, the Capricorn is built like a tank, at the expense of convenience. It’s not as quick to work on. On track, the car was easier to drive and had a more “electric car” feel. The track isn’t very grippy so it still has some rear traction / over steering issues in some corners but I feel so much more at home driving the Capricorn. It’s hard to describe and perhaps it’s just in my head, but this is the change I’ve been waiting for. I could feel the car and I starting to sync up. I’m really looking forward to developing some awesome setups for me with this car alongside other local C04 drivers.

The engine was wonderful – gone are my engine issues of the past, I hope :). My last engine was 5 years old so anything is an improvement. Compared to the Novarossi, the OS pulls like a little steam engine from low rpm to high. The old Novarossi was gutless in the bottom end then screamed on the top which doesn’t suit my track. I was surprised that the more powerful OS was easier to drive than the Novarossi and held its tune throughout the afternoon. Now I see why everyone uses OS engines!

In all, I am incredibly grateful that I was able to acquire this car and engine. I am also thankful I was able to clear my mind and think logically about the situation. It was a big risk to switch during the racing season but so far, I’m glad I did because it’s all about having fun. My next race with the car will be at the end of the month for the first annual McNally Memorial race.