This year us Americans are happy to host the 2014 IFMAR ISTC Worlds in Kissimmee, Florida held October 6th thru October 12th 2014. As I type, contenders from around the globe have less than 8 months to compete for the highest honor in electric on-road racing.

As it is a “Worlds-year” it has been interesting to witness the latest offerings from the major manufacters who have a chance at the World title. XRAY released their highly anticipated block-type suspension mount system in the T4 2014 and it seems to working well. Not usually a top finisher among the touring car elite, it will continue to be a stretch for Team XRAY to take a Worlds title. Although a large team, they only have one true “star driver”, Alexander Hagberg, who is a consistent A-main qualifier but can never seem to get the job done to take wins.

In the TRF Tamiya camp, the latest offering, the TRF418 seems to not be living up to the potential of the previous Worlds winning cars. Despite more of an evolution than an revolution to the proven design, TRF can’t seem to pull out the consistent podium positions it did with the 416X and 417X. Marc Rheinard, the most winningest touring car driver to date, has been posting some rather blunt accounts of its poor speed and consistency. Perhaps this is the end of the great TRF/Rheinard combination which has won them 3 World Championships.

Team Yokomo, the third in the trifecta continues to develop its machine and its talent and its really paying dividends. One of the most well-supported teams in terms of number of drivers and talent, the group is led by legendary mechanic Yukijiro Umino. Their star driver, Ronard Volker, consistently pulls out wins with the car. Even more impressive is the number of Yokomo drivers that have been appearing in the A-Mains. Clearly, a very good car in many hands.