Flip L1/L2 (rear):

  • more turn in
  • more steering
  • higher corner speed
  • reduced stability 
  • good for technical track
Flip L1/L2 Front: 
  • less steering 
  • very stable 
  • probably not the fastest option for technical track
Tire Prep on Carpet
STX+STX Cleaner+Let Dry 
  • little loose, good steering 
STX+brake cleaner+Let Dry 
  • takes longer for STX to absorb 
  • easier to drive, little slower
STX+STX+Let Dry 
  • best compromise of STX cleaner and brake cleaner 
Length of Camber Links 
Rear 2nd hole outside on hub 
  • more stability 
  • more traction
  • less initial steering