After a couple year away from R/C racing, i’m at it again, this time picking up where I left off with a brief career in two-wheeled electric buggies. At that time I was using a standard B4.1 Factory Team and I LOVED it.


For that reason, I decided to keep with the Team Associated buggy but I had unfortunately sold my buggy two years ago shortly after quitting. In the meantime, however, I had purchased a B4.1 RTR for my girlfriend to play with.

I still enjoyed taking it to the nearby park to kick up some dirt and beat the hell out of something. 🙂 .

I’ve found that in R/C and in many things in life, we don’t always need every object to purchase just because we can. no upgrade in the world cannot replace driver skill.

In that spirit, I will be transforming this RTR B4.1 in to a proper race machine with the latest advancements but without buying every option part and without buying a B5 or similar car.