Among all of the online forums that have been been an active member of, none are as littered with bickering as R/C I don’t believe this is R/C Tech’s fault nor do they condone the conflict, but for some strange reason, R/C Tech harbors these “forum racers” who rarely race or show up to the track. Instead they TYPE LIKE THIS in order to somehow proliferate their need to overcompensate and get with their buddies about “back in the day” and “when I used to race X class”….so on and so forth. Naturally, the internet is a wonderful sanctuary for anyone who has the need to say something but would rather tell it to their dogs instead of saying outloud (hence the creation of blogs just like this one haha). What baffles me, however, is that much of the bickering takes places among racers of the same area and state! You would think I would be more excited as a fourm racer to pick a fight with rciskool123 out on the West Coast rather than the guys I would see anyways at the track (if you even intend on getting away from behind the computer screen, that is).

Perhaps it is the competitive nature of the hobby that gets some people so excited that they can’t leave it on the track and without a disagreement becoming personal. People are often most interested in what most directly affects them and are more prone to defending those ideas. However, there must be a limit to that defense, especially over the Internet where we only have words to our name and those words can be easily taken out of context. Granted, everyone has an opinion and the right to express that opinion, but just like in spoken conversation, everyone has the obligation to be mature and speak with the respect of your own opinion as well as the opinions of others. The net is a great place to share information and network, but it also comes with its own responsibilities Think before you type – don’t let an online disagreement turn into a separation between racers or even worse, violence at the track, as it has happened before.