I had a great time racing offroad for the first time at Turtle Trax Raceway. I competed in the SCT class with a friend’s stock Slash among Associated and Kyosho SCTs.Although they had either 17.5 or 13.5 motors and proper racing tires, I was surprised how close the stock Slash came to the more sophisticated trucks. Driving an off road car felt like I was going R/C for the first time all over again and it was a blast! Bumping into each other, sailing over jumps, and shooting up rooster tails was so much fun and a nice change from onroad. Although I had a great time, it doesn’t replace onroad and my enthusiasm for onroad could not be higher. While at Turtle Trax, the 2wd buggies really caught my eye and I could see myself getting one in the future if I happen to live close to a good electric off road track. Luckily, the owner of Turtle Trax is considering building an indoor facility closer to where I live :). We will see what happens. The atomosphere was very relaxed and it was nice not to worry about 10ths of seconds or having the most speed. It was nice to throw the truck on the track, run around, and most importantly have fun.

This Sunday will be the nexst race at Hobbytown. During the last couple of weeks, bought a Tekin RS and sold the KO. I still need to get the latest software for the Tekin but I’m thrilled to finally have a decent amount of speed instead of being destroyed on the straight. On top of that, I haven’t done much to the car. I have been thinking for awhile about the constant lack of traction on my car, both front and rear. I compared setups with the guys who seem to have a decent handling car and we are nearly the same. In some cases I should have even more steering compared to them as I am running 2.8 front springs and 6 deg caster. I’m now thinking that a fresh pair of Jaco Blues would help. MY tires aren’t abnormally worn or tearing yet but at this point, I’m running out of ideas. At the very least, I will have a fresh set when/if the current tires are toast. I really hope tires will help my car. I’m about a second per lap and two laps total off pace. This is with no speed and an ill-handling car so I’m hoping for a big improvement Sunday.If the tires help, I can focus on other details to make the car even better rather than chasing non-existent traction all day.

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