Wow, the 40th annual anything is awesome but for our small world, the 40th Annual Texas Biggie race is exceptional. In the days of two or three year tracks, RCRCNT will forever be a part of R/C history. Days before going to this race, it dawned on me how many racers, just like us, had some and gone at the RCRCNT track. This thought made me proud to be a R/C car racer and to continue this legacy. R/C has given so much to all of us and we all share this as a common thread no matter who we are or where we come from.


As usual, the obligatory packing photo! This time three of us (2 racers + 1 support guy) rented a Mitsubishi and it proved just enough for us and our gear.

We soon arrived at the wonderful RCRCNT Raceway located in Rendon, TX. It used to be bumpy, especially at the sweeper but they smoothed them down since the last time we raced here. Awesome!

And a fresh body for the 40th Annual Texas Biggie – my favorite for this track, the Protoform P37N.


This is how qualifying turned out. I qualified a respectable 6 out of 12. We had a great day ended with a cookout courtesy of the RCRCNT crew.

Rain, rain, go away.

We woke up early on Sunday ready to race but we were greeted with a slight rain that never wanted to cease. Consequently, the racing was cancelled on Sunday so we were able to leave early to be home with our families. My teammate just made the cutoff for a trophy – well done!