After a long week of finals, I’m finally done with this semester. It’s going to be an interesting summer, on the track and off. I will be starting my internship in about a month and have to deal with the changes that associate with it. Hopefully it will lead to fruitful endeavors past this summer.

This weekend in racing will be interesting because I am going to attend my first off road race EVER! The onroad racing here only happens twice per month which obviously isn’t enough for me as I’m running off road just to keep myself occupied. I will be  racing in the SCT class that has been so popular over the last couple of years in the States. I honestly never thought I would be racing offroad but I’m excited to try something different.

Unfortunately, onroad has taken a social life of its own and not in a good way. Only two races in and I’m finding myself irritated by the amount of bickering and lack of enthusiasm over the whole deal. Part of the reason to do R/C i to relax and it makes it difficult when someone always has a problem or complaint about how something is being managed. I’m curious to see if this is true in off road as well or if onroad just seems to attract the whiners.


In other news, ROAR recently announced that they will begin regulating ESCs for Sportsman classes. In short, no timing advance, turbo, etc – it basically brings the ESCs back to where they were about a year ago. This is something that the R/C community has been asking for from ROAR. Hell, we have been asking for something, anything from ROAR on the subject. I think it’s good that ROAR is finally speaking up after a year of the industry pumping out these super ESCs but I’m not so sure this is the best way to deal with it. I’ve never attended a ROAR race but in my mind, the “sportsman” guys were usually pretty decent at racing. Before the economic downturn, you would see people from all over the country coming to attend the ROAR nationals of XYZ. If you have this kind of desire to race at a national event, is getting the right speedo really that big of an issue? It’s not like only certain people can buy the speedos or anything; plus, some manufacturers (read:Tekin) offer their software updates free of charge. I think that the real issue comes down to the new speed we have found – people are always going to want to go faster and faster but what we really need to do is redefine what “stock” and “mod” is. The speedo wars aren’t just at the national level but at the club level these days, especially in onroad and running the newer speedos are so common that it’s pointless to scale the power back, especially at a national level.

With that said, I ended up buying a Tekin RS for my T2’008 🙂