Going into this weekend’s race I’m looking at more than just the mechanics of the car but focusing on my driving. I have been doing a good bit of research on how to make the most of the car through driving and came upon a few realizations:

  1. transfer weight evenly and smoothly to prevent tire overheat/loss of traction and to also maximize the traction in the tire 
  2. slow in, fast out! Make lines that set me up to get out of the corner fast but also setup for the next turn 
  3. smooth is fast, without being too slow 
Car is working well and I will be testing the Spec-R gear diff this weekend with 1K oil. 
Last weekend was my first experience with modified and it was super fun! I ran a Trinity/Epic Duo3 10.5 with tons of timing in my Tekin speed control but I still feel like a lower wind motor without all the crazy timing is best. The boost from the Tekin makes it feel unnatural and edgy while I think a 5.5 or 5.0 without boost will be much smoother.