Thanks to speedy shipping, I was able to finally use my new ThunderPower charger at the track Saturday. What can I say – this thing is awesome! My lipo really came alive. I had noticeably more punch at the start of the run and the battery remained more consistent throughout the run. I ran it from 2-3 minutes all the way to about 15 minutes on a single charge and it continued to perform flawlessly. Navigation is super easy and intuitive and gives plenty of options from adjusting the charge rate all the way to 10 amps to “fast” and “storage” charging. I’m very happy with my purchase, to say the least. 

In time I’ll buy a better power supply, as mine only goes to 6 amps. A friend and I shared his 12 amp power supply and it was so nice to be able to run one battery all day and not have to sit waiting for the battery to charge. This really helped me to test as much as I wanted and without waiting on the battery to peak. 
In all, nice job ThunderPower! 

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